Thursday, March 7, 2019


After a nearly a decade, I'm starting my comeback tour as a "blogueur du merde". Some may translate that as a 'sh_tty blogger". Of course the posts are concerned about that substance and septic system issues so I guess the moniker fits. Think I'll just start ramblin' along.

We can't go back, we can't stand still and yet we can't move forward. That's the outcome of the continuing traditionalist view of septic systems by the those who essentially control all things septic.

Its the 21st Century. For septic system owners it might as well be the 19th Century except now you are forced to suffer outrageous costs and property damage from "acceptable" and traditional "business as usual" septic solutions.

I stopped working on this blog when I realized my focus and thinking had essentially become an "isolated system" after nearly 20 years of frustration pushing against the two traditional "generic entities" controlling thinking around and approval of septic systems. They are also "isolated systems". They hold tight to their traditional perspectives, and hopefully without callous intent, they have become the barrier against innovation and the needed advancement in perspective and thinking about septic systems. An example of an "isolated system": a monk takes a vow of silence and never leaves the monastery. There are no exchanges or change.

If I was going to continue to be innovative and expand the options and applications of the only new septic concept and technology in over a century, the Pirana®, I needed to concentrate on changing my thinking and focus as an "open system". An example of an "open system": we actively interact with our environment. That changes both our environment and us.

I invented the Pirana® to address the interests of septic system owners vs merely being another "business as usual" solution. I didn't realize I would throw cold water on the traditional single purpose function of all other septic systems. The multi-purpose Pirana® turns all the accepted limitations for a septic systems on their collective heads.  

If one looks at septic systems and technology from their primary aspect vs from the traditional technical BS, it becomes very clear there has essentially been no change in a septic system's single purpose for over a century no matter what the septic systems are called. Tradition, especially where profits are concerned, is the enemy of innovation and progress. Who are these guys, Ringo?
Yep, you guessed it. The two are the traditional "I don't feel the need to risk making a mistake by making a decision" government regulating your choices and the "we don't like non-conformist innovation" septic industry who's profits benefit from the government's regulations. Neither want change. Nothing is more difficult than changing an established system.

The government and the septic industry are essentially codependents. I often use the term "incestuous" in addition to codependent meaning they are excessively close and resistant to outside influence. Getting one to change will produce change in the other. Its which to focus on? Its a work in progress for me.

I will expand on this along with other thoughts I've developed over the past ten years. There is a method to my madness other than simply being "non compos mentis". This perspective is a thread that will run through a lot of my musings. We cannot defend or protect ourselves unless we fully understand the forces at play when owning a septic system. Septic system owners can't afford it. The environment can't afford it.