Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Hello from the other side. I've been gone for a couple of years developing my new concepts and products in a couple of other industries. I'm now back focusing more time and mental energies to the septic industry. I've got some very valuable things to point out...at least I believe I have. Others who have listened to what I've had to say and understand the relevance. I hope I can provide you with more understanding, better questions asked and answered.

I've always said that if you don't ask the right questions, you'll never get the right answers. Right answers to wrong questions don't do much for problem solving in dealing with most human issues. Certainly in general pollution issues, and for our focus, human waste pollution issues.

I rather enjoy pointing out the nonsense of the regulators, engineers and septic "experts" but I'll try and refrain from enjoying myself here and now. I want you all who read this to consider a very important issue....BIO-SOLIDS. No one ever questions bio-solids in septic systems other than to expect it, control it, demand that it be pumped and removed to a NIMBY sight (not in my back yard) for improper treatment and disposal to pollute elsewhere. Removal of bio-solids from the waste stream is really the treatment with all other subsequent processes being "polishing" of the primary treated effluent.

Just what are bio-solids? It is the organic material you put in water to take it away from you. Its that nasty stuff that started out as the wonderful meal you had last night. The production of bio-solids is the only really honest measurement of how efficient a septic system "treatment process" actually is. I'll try and make the explanation short. May be a bit cryptic.